Missy Jay

Intuitive  Spiritual  Mystic

Intuitive  Spiritual  Mystic

Missy Jay - Psychic Tarot Reader 9

Hello everyone, I'm now offering intuitive coaching and practical advice to the individuals who need honest advice and support. As a Cancerian sun, with my moon in Libra, I'm naturally intuitive and also logical.


I do acquire the gift of an empath which means I'm able to sense how people feel and identify with their personal predicament or situation and I'm able to give advice that will ensure you get the best outcome of any situation you may find yourself.


Please note that when you contact me, be ready for "real help" as I will be honest in working with you to achieve the possible results because I don't believe in sugar coating words. I'm happy and privileged to say that, I have been able to give practical advice to people from different walks of life including professionals such as doctors, lawyers, business executives to name a few.


Whatever difficulty you may be facing I'll do my best to give you the advice and support you need on any situation.


Subjects: Any, including, family issues, love relations & dating, marriage, personal issues, career, empowerment, confidence building, abuse in any form ect.


This is a confidential and non judgemental service.


Please note this is not a tarot reading related service. For Energy & Tarot Reading services please click here.

Alternative Combination Services

If you are interested in a palm reading with practical advice based on your reading that can also be arranged.

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